Arenac Community Funds

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About ACF

In the year 2000, a group of Arenac County advocates planted the seed for an endowment fund called the Arenac County Fund within the Bay Area Community Foundation. With considerable support from businesses and individuals all across Arenac County, this sapling endowment fund has since developed into four unique funds designed to assist in enriching our communities across Arenac County. Within 11 years, from contributions large and small, the four funds have achieved a grand total of $591,000 and have provided over $118,000 in grant support. This includes funding for everything from youth initiatives to emergency services to support for arts and culture and much more. Our forest is growing well, but more seeds are needed.

Our Funds

Arenac Community Fund: This is the main endowment fund supporting a wide array of projects, programs and intiatives that benefit the residents of Arenac County.

Arenac County Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarship funding support to high school seniors from Arenac County who meet specific criteria.

Arenac County Health Initiative Fund: Supports projects, programs and initiatives that benefit the health and wellness of Arenac County residents.

Carol C. Noeske Disability Fund: Supports activities that serve the needs of physically and mentally disabled persons, their families and associates throughout Arenac County.


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