Reasons to Give

Reasons to Give

As the permanent endowment for Bay and Arenac Counties, the Bay Area Community Foundation helps people strengthen our community while meeting family, business and charitable goals. You may want to benefit from the Bay Area Community Foundation’s unique combination of community leadership, personalized service, local expertise and permanent stewardship. The Foundation’s 230 funds have awarded more than $6 million in grants since being established in 1982.

Key features of giving through Bay Area Community Foundation (BACF):

Simplicity: Creating a philanthropic fund through BACF can avoid the legal complexities, administrative burdens and compliance requirements of establishing and maintaining a private foundation.

Tax Benefits: A charitable gift to an endowed fund at the Bay Area Community Foundation may qualify for a Federal tax deduction.

Community Impact: Giving through BACF allows you to put your charitable dollars directly to work in your own community and often across a broader geographical area.

Flexibility: BACF can accept nearly any kind of gift – from cash and real estate to stock and other appreciated assets. An individual, family, business, or organization can create a philanthropic fund for virtually any charitable purpose.

Recognition: Endowing a fund at BACF is a fitting way to memorialize or honor a loved one and create a permanent legacy that will be remembered for generations. Conversely, BACF can carefully protect a donor’s identity, if that is desired.

Cost effectiveness: Because BACF manages many individual donor gifts, we can service and administer each of them at a fraction of the cost of a private foundation or other, smaller nonprofit organizations.

We are here to help with all aspects of your charitable giving. If you have any questions about about becoming a donor, or would like the names of our investment managers, fees charged, and the body responsible for investment and oversight, please contact Diane Fong, President & CEO at 989-893-4438.