Donor Advised & Agency/Designated Fund Disbursements

Donor Advised & Agency/Designated Fund Disbursements

GroupDonor Advised Funds are convenient, flexible tools for individuals, families, businesses, or groups with a wide range of community interests. They are an ideal vehicle for fulfilling charitable wishes while keeping donors personally involved in suggesting the grant awards made possible by their gifts.

Designated and Agency Funds provide nonprofit organizations with a constant source of funding to help them respond to emergency needs as well as plan for the future and sustain the good work they do.


To request a disbursement from your fund please print off, complete, and mail in either a Donor Advised Fund Distribution Form or an Agency/Designated Fund Distribution Form.

Please note that Agency/Designated Funds require documentation (board minutes) authorizing you to request a disbursement.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your fund please contact Lisa Bourdon-Krause, Program Officer, by calling (989) 893-4438 or emailing