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Here at the Community Foundation, we understand that strong nonprofits help the entire region to thrive. In addition to providing potential funding for your organization, we are here to help connect you with resources in our community to help nonprofits succeed.

How to Apply for a 501(c)(3) Status: To qualify for grants from Bay Area Community Foundation and other sources, your organization will need to be classified as a 501(c)(3) status. Download this helpful packet to learn if it is the correct approach for your organization.

Delta College Small Business Center: This is a great, free resource in our community for helpful advice for small businesses. They are happy to speak with you to see if your small business or organization would be a good fit for a 501(c)(3) status.

Bay Community Writing Center: Located in at the Wirt Public Library in downtown Bay City, the writing center can help you with free one-on-one sessions in all parts of the writing process. They also host special topics workshops every month.

Guidestar: Make sure your organization’s listing is up to date with the most accurate information.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide: This online platform and blog has a lot of free resources to help market and communicate the great work your nonprofit does.

Community Advancement Network: The Community Advancement Network provides support to nonprofits to improve efficiency and effectiveness for sustainable impact allowing organizations to meet their mission. The Network offers consulting, professional development, and board support. Funding support is available.

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