Grants Available for Youth in Bay and Arenac Counties

Thanks to funding from Dow, Bay Area Community Foundation is able to offer $1,000 grants to youth groups in Bay and Arenac counties as a reward for volunteering and giving back to the community. Eligible groups are ages K-12 associated with a school, government entity, or 501(c)(3) organization. (Minimum of 10 youth volunteers; please note that adult mentor hours DO NOT count toward the 50 hour minimum. To earn the grant, the group leader must fill out a short application and, if approved, lead the group in a volunteer activity in the community.

  • Past volunteer activities have included:
  • Cleaning up local parks
  • Picking up trash along the Riverwalk/Railtrail for the annual clean-up
  • Providing activities and singing at nursing homes and senior living groups
  • Painting park benches, picnic tables, and outhouses
  • Helping put on local activities
  • Cleaning and cooking at homeless shelters
  • Running a food drive for those in need

If you’re looking for ideas, we suggest contacting your local municipality or favorite nonprofit to see what their needs are. They are often excited and ready for some extra hands!

Application Process:

  1. Contact Program Officer Erin Kreutzberg at 989-893-4438 to demonstrate interest in your project and ensure that your group is eligible for the grant.
  2. Drop off, email, or fax a short application that will indicate your volunteer activity and how you will use the grant money. Download a copy of the application.
  3. Wait for approval prior to conducting your volunteer activity.
  4. Have fun giving back to the community and engaging our youth in volunteerism! Please note: Adult mentor hours DO NOT count towards the 50 hour minimum.
  5. Turn in a short report and photo release forms for all participating youth. These forms are included in the application packet.
  6. We will notify you if we need any further information, and we will contact you when your check is ready to be picked up from our office.

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