Impact in Focus: 10 Questions with Our New Trustees – Matt Travis

  1. What inspired you to join the Bay Area Community Foundation board of trustees?

I’m interested in helping others – this is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I’m eager to work with BACF to improve the lives of those around us.

2. What unique skills or experiences do you bring to the board?

I love thinking deeply about big, sometimes unanswerable questions. I hope to bring a new framework on how to consider problems and opportunities and turn them into meaningful projects that serve the region.

3. What are you most excited about as you begin your journey as a trustee?

I’m eager to work with a team of incredible leaders who are equally passionate about making this community a great place to live.

4. What do you hope to accomplish while serving your time as a trustee?

In everything I do, I ask the question: “Is this something that would make my daughter (5) proud?” It’s my hope that the answer is “yes” in everything that I do in life, and everything I do at the Foundation. More specifically, I hope to become even more deeply invested in improving the quality of life in Bay County and beyond.

5. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about our community, what would it be?

I wish people would be able to live a life filled with joy and a deep sense of purpose and connection.

6. What is your favorite book or movie, and why does it resonate with you?

“The Luckiest Man” by Jonathan Eig. I’m a complete baseball history nerd…but this biography about Lou Gehrig is a wonderful reminder of the importance of maximizing life and the incredible value of relationships and the impacts they have on others.

7. What is your favorite place to visit in Bay or Arenac counties?

My family deeply loves the Bay. Spending as much time at the beach is wonderful.

8. What hobby or pastime brings you joy outside of your professional life?

I’m an avid runner and Detroit Tigers season ticket holder. The latter is both a great joy and a great sorrow!

9. What is one interesting fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

As a part of my dissertation process I got to have lunch with Lin-Manuel Miranda! (He is known for creating the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton, and the soundtracks for the animated films Moana, Vivo, and Encanto.)

10. Who is your favorite superhero or fictional character?

I’ve modeled my life on three: Ted Lasso, George Bailey and Mister Rogers. I admire each for different reasons, but ultimately appreciate that kindness and humility are at the heart of all that they do.


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