Give Local Bay 2024: A Community Comes Together to Raise $185,000 for Local Nonprofits

In just 24 hours, the event raised over $185,000, highlighting the generosity and commitment of the local community towards building a brighter future for all.

View the Give Local Bay Impact Report here!

On May 7, the Bay Area Community Foundation hosted Give Local Bay, powered by LiUNA-Local 1098, uniting the community in support of 56 nonprofits in Bay and Arenac counties. This 24-hour fundraising event successfully raised over $185,000, thanks to the generosity of our local community.

The funds raised through Give Local Bay will enhance the projects and programs of participating nonprofits. Day of contributions were boosted by a $35,000 matching pool, funded by the Bay Area Community Foundation, the Jerome and Annette Crete Family Fund, the Luanne and Greg Grocholski Endowed Fund and The Gougeon Family Fund. Additionally, $3,250 in prizes were available, with $2,500 of that amount generously provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The day’s match and prize money will go towards enhancing the endowments of these nonprofits, securing their long-term sustainability.

More than just a fundraiser, Give Local Bay also celebrates our community’s spirit. This year, the Foundation partnered with Tri City Brewing Company for the “Sip, Sip Hooray for Give Local Bay” event, where $1 from each drink sold between 5 and 8 p.m. was contributed by Tri City Brewing Company garnering an additional $100 to the Give Local Bay match pool.

In the past decade, Give Local Bay has generated over $1.2 million for local nonprofits, with the Foundation directly contributing more than 30% of these funds through matches and prizes. The event exemplifies the powerful impact of community collaboration.

Highlighting the event’s success, Camp Fish Tales, Ye Olde Courthouse/Arenac County Historical Society and Bay City Rowing Club topped the fundraising leaderboard. These funds will empower them, along with the other participants, to continue their vital programs in our community. For more details on how the day unfolded, visit the leaderboard and prize winners.

The continued success of Give Local Bay underscores the influence of collective generosity and the strength we have when we come together. The Bay Area Community Foundation is committed to nurturing local nonprofits and enhancing community well-being, and is proud to provide Give Local Bay as a mean for positive change.


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