Illuminating Pathways to a Brighter Future: Ocean-Lea Schrader

Growing up in an environment where hard work was valued, Ocean-Lea Schrader learned the importance of perseverance. She shares, “If I wanted something, I had to work for it.” Her upbringing instilled in her a relentless pursuit of excellence that extended to her academic endeavors. “… Success is possible even if you don’t go the […]

Elevating Early Childhood Care in Bay County: Bay County ARPA Childcare Grant Program

At the Bay Area Community Foundation (BACF), we believe in the power of community, collaboration and change. Today, we’re sharing an exciting update that reflects our commitment to enhancing the lives of our littlest community members. In collaboration with the Bay Arenac Intermediate School District (BAISD), BACF sought to address the childcare challenges that emerged […]

Creating Worth and Empowerment: The Impact of Foster Families NRC’s Resource Boutique

Foster Families Navigation & Resource Center (NRC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting foster families with the resources and education they need, received a grant from the Bay Area Community Foundation to fund their Resource Boutique. The Resource Boutique aims to provide foster children with a unique shopping experience where they feel valued and empowered. […]

Heart Rate Monitors Have Kids on a Healthy Track!

The idea of running around a gym or playing basketball may not be appealing for all. Such was the case for some children at Standish-Sterling Central Elementary—that is until they started using heart rate monitors. The Arenac County Healthy Youth/Healthy Seniors Fund awarded $1,000 for a classroom set of heart rate monitors and tracking software. […]

Assessing Health in Arenac County

Arenac County is a beautiful place with many recreational opportunities. It also faces many health challenges. “There are resources available, but they need to be used,” says Bobbe Burke, member of the Arenac Community Funds Committee and Arenac County Board of Commissioners. She has noticed that obesity, poverty, and smoking are some of the bigger […]

Connecting to the Environment through Stories

In 2016, the Saginaw Bay Watershed Restoration Fund awarded a grant of $4,200 to the Heart of the Lakes Center for Land Conservation to finish up a series of videos about the Saginaw Bay Area. The Center is focused on engaging the younger generations in conservation. They believe that conservation for conservation sake doesn’t resonate […]

Grants Bring Public Art to Bay City

With grants from the Community Initiative Fund and the Youth Advisory Committee, Studio 23 coordinated a design contest among Bay Area high schools. Winner and Western High School student Bridget Hunsinger worked alongside MARKed Arts to complete her painting. “It still feels surreal,” she said. “I learned so much from this experience.” She hopes to […]

Vaccinations Allow More Dogs to be Fostered and Adopted

“Properly vaccinating dogs is our first line of defense when it comes to preventing the spread of communicable diseases,” says Stephanie Beiser, Canine Program Coordinator at the Humane Society of Bay County. “It is especially important in puppies and senior dogs who are most susceptible to illness.” The Humane Society frequently receives calls from those […]