Giving Circles

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle takes your mind, talents, and financial abilities seriously, and makes giving a collaborative, social experience. They create caring, generous communities of people who act intentionally, thoughtfully, and strategically — together.

Interested in being a part of the grantmaking process at a lower financial level? Join with other philanthropists in the area and work together to recommend projects and programs, all while enjoying a fun social evening.

Members of the Men’s Philanthropy Group (MPG) and Women’s Philanthropy Circle (WPC) contribute $1,000 a year to each giving circle. Half of this gift is granted out that year to local organizations, and half of it is placed in an endowment fund. This endowment fund grows the impact potential for many years to come.

“The Women’s Philanthropy Circle is great for women who have a philanthropic heart but not a lot of time. When we combine our resources, we can make a bigger impact. It’s instant gratification. You know you’re helping someone immediately that could use your lift. It’s amazing to see all we have accomplished so far.” – Barb Engelhardt, WPC member

“It’s a great way to get involved for someone who is community-minded and wants to go about giving in a slightly different way.” – Lee Miller, MPG member

Both groups are accepting new members. Interested in getting involved?

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Diane Mahoney - President and CEO

I serve alongside the board of directors as a steward of the assets our donors have entrusted to us. I enjoy being able to connect people to the causes they care about most.

Aaron Faist

Aaron Faist - Program Officer

I am the program officer that oversees the Youth Advisory Committee, Men’s Philanthropy Group, and our scholarship program.