Applying for a Grant

Bay Area Community Foundation offers several opportunities for grant funding for your registered 501(c)(3) organization, government entity or school in Bay and Arenac counties.

Four Easy Steps

  1. Review the grant opportunities below to see which grant best fits your project or idea. Need help determining this? Contact a Program Officer at (989) 893-4438. 
  2. Review grant application timelines. If the grant you would like to apply for is currently accepting applications, proceed to step 3. 
  3. Create an account or login. If the grant you are seeking is currently accepting applications, create an account in our grant portal (click here). You will be asked to import your organization’s information during this process.
  4. Apply for grant. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be directed the APPLY page listing the current grant opportunities. Scroll down until you find the grant you are interested in and click on the Apply button to begin the application process.

BACF Grant Opportunities

Bay County Community Partnership Grants

Twice a year, our Community Partnership Grants present an opportunity for registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits to apply for funding for their projects and programs. Whether the project is centered around the arts, education, environment, health, human services, recreation, or community initiatives, our grants are here to fuel passion and bring ideas to life. 

Together, we can empower our community with transformative ideas and create a lasting legacy of progress. Grant applications are accepted from January to March and July to September, with awards granted in May and December. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for Bay County.

Arenac County Community Partnership Grants

Twice a year, the Arenac Community Funds Committee awards grants to organizations through an online application process. Nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)3 status, schools, and government entities that serve residents of Arenac County are eligible to apply. The Arenac Community Funds Committee provides funding to further the vision of a stronger and more vibrant community.

Projects/programs in the areas of community initiatives, education, arts & culture, health & wellness, recreation, animal welfare, historical building preservation, and those that serve the needs of disabled persons, and their families are accepted. Grants will not support individuals, political campaigns, lobbying, sectarian religious purposes, endowments, previously incurred debt, or operating expenses.

Education Mini Grants

Education Mini Grants are available to Bay and Arenac County K-12 educators who are interested in innovative classroom enhancements. Ten grants are awarded each year in amounts of up to $500 and are available until all ten are awarded. K-12 educators are eligible to receive this grant every other year.

Neighborhood Grants

The Neighborhood Grant Program’s goal is intended to support initiatives that strengthen Bay County neighborhoods. This program is intended to foster inclusion and build a sense of community within our neighborhoods. This pilot program will fund community-led solutions that will accomplish these goals. The maximum allowable grant request is up to $1,250. (Total project budget may exceed $1,250.)

Grant Application Timelines

Bay County Community Partnership Grants

1st cycle – opens 2nd Monday in January, closes 2nd Monday in March, awards granted in May

2nd cycle – opens 2nd Monday in July, closes 2nd Monday in September, awards granted in November

Arenac County Community Partnership Grants

1st cycle – opens 2nd Monday in January, closes 2nd Monday in March, awards granted in May

2nd cycle – opens 2nd Monday in July, closes 2nd Monday in September, awards granted in December 

Education Mini Grants

Ten grants awarded each year, available until exhausted.

Neighborhood Grants

Accepting applications. 

Leslie L. Squires Foundation Grants

1st cycle – opens 2nd Monday in January, closes 2nd Monday in March, awards granted in May

2nd cycle – opens 2nd Monday in July, closes 2nd Monday in September, awards granted in December  

Dow communityGives Youth Service Program

Accepting applications. 

Hemlock Semiconductor Community and Regional Empowerment (CARE) Grant Program

Contact a Program Officer if you are interested.

Building Nonprofit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awareness Program

Accepting 80 participants, available until exhausted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on question to see the answer

Nonprofit organizations exempt from Federal income taxes under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, government entities or schools serving Bay or Arenac counties may apply. Grants will also be accepted from churches for non-secular programs or projects.

To be eligible for a grant, the project/program must serve Bay or Arenac County residents. If your project/program benefits residents outside of these counties, we recommend limiting your funding request to the amount that will impact only Bay or Arenac counties.

Individuals are not eligible to apply for grants.

You may apply as soon as the grant cycle is open. For the opening and closing of the grant cycles, see our Grant Application Timelines here. Funding requests will only fund projects/programs that occur after the award date. We cannot reimburse your organization for projects/programs that have already occurred.

Our Community Partnership Grants are funded through endowment funds. Each fund has its targeted funding area(s). See our list of funds under Forms on the Forms & Resources page.  This list is only for a general idea of our funding sources. Keep in mind that you will be applying to the Foundation and not to a specific endowment fund.

Individuals, endowments, lobbying, annual campaigns, scholarships, projects or programs for religious purposes, ongoing maintenance or operations, short-term events, and celebrations are not funded.

You may find a guide to the application questions and requested materials here.

This is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the scope of your project as well as the availability of funds. Our average grant awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Yes. BACF often receives more requests than available funding. In these cases, the review committee may recommend funding for a specific portion of the grant application. On the grant application, you will be asked to prioritize your funding request.

Generally, you have one year from the date of the grant award to utilize the funding. We do not offer multi-year grants.

Grant applications are reviewed by staff and then a review committee composed of a diverse group of community members. Recommendations from the committees are reviewed by the Board of Trustees, who makes the final grant decisions.

Each grantee is required to complete the grant activities and use the funding within one year from the date of the award. A public announcement of receipt of the grant award must be made during the grant period. A final report form is required when the funds are exhausted or by the end of the one-year grant date, whichever comes first.

Generally, an organization can submit one application per cycle. If you have an ongoing grant, you must have finished your grant project/program and submitted your evaluation form before reapplying for new funds.

Contact the BACF office at (989) 893-4438 and ask to speak with a grants Program Officer. We are here to help!

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