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Just as you likely have many different passions in our community, there are many different ways in which you can choose to give.

Perhaps you feel strongly about a cause. Perhaps an organization has touched your life or the lives of loved ones in a meaningful way. Maybe you want to create a legacy or set an example that inspires others to give. Or your giving is a way to get your family together and pass along your values to younger generations.

For as many motivations as there are to give, there are ways of giving. The key to having a rewarding giving experience is finding the best fit—for your charitable priorities, financial goals, and personal preferences.

DecidingToGiveHandoutDownload our checklist to help you and your professional advisor determine the custom giving solution that’s right for you. Fill it out and bring it in, or call 989-893-4438 to discuss your giving options with Bay Area Community Foundation staff.




Funds Overview

Unrestricted Funds

Gifts to unrestricted funds allow BACF to respond to our community’s most pressing charitable needs and promising opportunities. BACF’s board of trustees are community leaders who are entrusted to oversee how these funds are used.

Field of Interest Funds

These funds support particular interest areas, program initiatives, causes, or geographic areas. At the donor’s request, funds can be restricted to a specified area of interest, but flexibility remains to meet changing situations.

Donor Advised Funds

If you wish to actively participate in the grant-making process, you may set up your own Donor Advised Fund so that you can recommend charitable projects or organizations you want to support. You have the flexibility to give to multiple nonprofits while leaving the legal responsibility of awarding grants to Bay Area Community Foundation.

Designated Funds

If you want to support a specific agency/nonprofit or cause, you can establish a designated fund or donate to an existing one to help build their sustainable future. These endowments ensure money will be available each year to help the organizations continue to operate.

Scholarship Funds

If you have a passion for educational opportunity, you can set up a scholarship fund to benefit students in the community. You can stay involved through an advisory relationship or have advisory committees to assist in recipient selection. Either way, Bay Area Community Foundation handles the necessary paperwork and will ensure scholarships are distributed to fulfill students’ educational dreams.

Our Donor Stories

A Commitment to Local Education

Donor Stories
Carolyn Wierda has been a key player in creating the Bay Commitment Scholarship program. When she retired from the Bay City Public Schools as a superintendent in 2009, the community honored her with financial gifts to support Bay Commitment far into the future.

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