Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inspiring an Inclusive Community

The Bay Area Community Foundation is committed to the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion and to making the Bay Area a place where all people can fully realize their aspirations. 

As an organization, our goal is to infuse equity deeply into our culture and practices. We strive to be inclusive and antiracist, and we want to inspire the local nonprofit community in its efforts to do the same. We proactively work to improve our diversity, equity and inclusion knowledge and abilities because doing so is critical to the success of the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors. 

Our Work So Far

We are dedicated to transparency and accountability in our inclusive and equitable practices. Updates on our actions will be regularly provided, and we value your questions and feedback to help us continually uphold this commitment.

We are collecting data and examining our structures, processes and funding decisions to ensure that we are an open, fair, accessible and equitable organization. Steps we have already taken include:

  • All BACF staff complete the Intercultural Development Inventory assessment. Individual growth plans are developed and reviewed annually.
  • Continue evaluation and monitoring of Board of Trustees composition and committee membership.
  • Audit policies and procedures to uncover systemic biases.
  • Incorporate inclusive practices into strategic decision-making, staff hiring and contracts with vendors.
  • Examine BACF’s development activities, grantmaking and scholarship awards in support of diverse communities and populations.
  • Share what BACF is learning about diversity and inclusive practices.