Sense of Place

A Commitment to Community Well-Being

In Bay and Arenac counties, we are dedicated to providing support and fostering continuous efforts to develop safe, welcoming communities. We aim to create spaces with amenities that not only meet the diverse needs of our residents but elevate the overall quality of life for both locals and visitors.

Our Work So Far

Our commitment is not just for today; it’s a promise for the generations to come. Together, let’s cultivate a sense of place that endures—a place where culture thrives, recreation knows no bounds, and the natural wonders surrounding us are cherished and protected.

  • BACF awarded 22 nonprofit organizations with funding through the Bay County Nonprofit ARPA Grant Program. A total of $750,000 was allocated for this program by the County of Bay to address the negative impact of COVID-19 experienced in the nonprofit sector. Funds will help nonprofits recover and respond to the negative economic impacts of the pandemic in the categories, or payroll, rent/mortgage, and operating costs.
  • The Arenac Community Center, supported by a $50,000 grant from the Bay Area Community Foundation’s Healthy Living Fund, unveiled a new park at 583 E. Cedar St., Standish, MI, fostering well-being with secure play areas, exercise spaces, and social connections, transforming the center into a dynamic hub for community engagement and recreation.
  • The Area Community Foundation Neighborhood Grant fuels Downtown Bay City’s vibrant transformation with the “City of Murals,” fostering community pride, unity, and collective strength through artistic collaboration.
  • The annual Walleyes for Warriors event, organized by Bay City Elks Lodge #88 and supported by the Bay Area Community Foundation, honors veterans, fosters community resilience, and celebrates unity through shared stories and camaraderie in Bay County.
  • Give Local Bay is a one-day event that celebrates our community, and all our local nonprofits do. During this 24-hour giving day, we join together to support our nonprofit partners by helping them build their endowment funds through Bay Area Community Foundation. These endowment funds help them build sustainability so that they can provide community support for many generations to come!