Being BOLD: Avram Golden

When Avram Golden sees an idea to better his community, he goes for it.

Avram, the owner of Golden Gallery & Custom Framing in Downtown Bay City, has taken bold steps to make two local projects a reality:

Third Street Star Bridge

Illuminating life and art in downtown Bay City was the creative spark behind Avram’s vision of what has become fondly known as the Third Street Star Bridge.

“I love the idea of light,” says Avram Golden. “Light illuminates the darkness. We all have people in our lives who have been a ‘light’ to us, and I wanted to find a way to embody that idea.”

One such person was his brother, Ari. A vision emerged as a canopy of stars with each star, or light, dedicated in memory or honor of a loved one. Avram believed others in the community would want a way to remember their “lights,” too—and he was right.

He secured permission from the City of Bay City and the owners of the buildings to allow the strands of lights to connect to their buildings, back and forth across Third Street in downtown Bay City. He then sought donations of $100 for each light bulb on a string of lights that would be drawn across Third Street in downtown Bay City. Support came from many in the community to turn this dream into a reality, but without action, it would have remained a dream.

The Third Street Star Bridge lit up the night for the first time on June 23, 2016 and serves as a permanent public monument to those who have lit the way for us. Today, the stars of the bridge light up the darkest of nights, casting a magical glow for all to see.

Because Avram took action, downtown Bay City now has a hallmark that residents and visitors alike can enjoy.

Read more about the Third Street Star Bridge in an article on Route.

Raise a Flag

Brothers Ari and Avram GoldenWhen Avram’s brother Ari was deployed to the Iraq War in 2009, he visited his brother for a going-away party in Lainsburgh, MI. When he arrived, he was stunned by the visual presence of the American flags that lined the small town’s streets. With the upcoming Tallship Celebration and Fireworks Festival in Bay City, Avram saw opportunity to show the same pride in Bay City.

With the support of the Bay City Downtown Management Board local rucking group Hyland’s Hopeless, the American Legion, Bay Veterans Foundation, and many community donors and many hours of work, the project was underway and has since expanded to include 300 American flags across Bay City, primarily located downtown and on Columbus Street.

Last year, 200 new flag sets were installed to honor Avram’s brother, who would have been 50 years old. He passed away in 2015.

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