Being BOLD: Stephanie Beiser

When it comes to the animals of Bay County, Stephanie Beiser’s heart—and arms—are open.

Throughout the community, she is an advocate for animals. She was on the strategic planning committee to transition Bay County Animal Services & Adoption Center toward a no-kill shelter. On their staff, she is able to take on unique cases and save the County hundreds in veterinary costs due to her expertise in caring for animals.

And although it’s a job, she feels lucky to make a career out of something she’s passionate about. “Yes, she’s an employee,” says one of her coworkers, “but Steph goes over, above, and beyond to help the animals, volunteering her own time to get the job done.”

Stephanie also brings home and fosters many dogs that are not able to adjust to living in a kennel and gives them a home environment. In and outside of the office, she puts the animals first.

Director of Administrative Services for Bay County Craig Goulet oversees this department and says that Stephanie never hesitates at the opportunity to help. “She brings new ideas to the table to help with fundraising and awareness,” he says. “Stephanie is beyond reliable. She never bats an eye at a challenge and genuinely cares that these animals are placed in loving homes.”

Stephanie’s bold actions in responding to animals in crisis and providing them with safe homes are making a kinder world, a more compassionate space for animals in Bay County.

2020 is the year to be bold. To offer inspiration on acts of boldness, we are sharing stories all year of those in the Bay Area who have taken action . . . of those who have dared to make a difference . . . and of those who took a risk. Know someone like this? Use our quick form to let us know so we can share their story.


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