Family Spreads Love and Finds Joy in Giving Back Through New Fund

Brian and Lindsay Eggers have long, though different, histories of giving back to their community. Raised with extremely hands-on givers as parents, philanthropy was embedded in the way Lindsay was raised. Even her high school valedictory speech highlighted the importance of helping others.

Brian’s upbringing was different from Lindsay’s but no less outwardly focused. As the oldest of six children, his family did not have the means to make monetary contributions but through their strong Christian faith community, they gave of themselves in many other ways.

The faith-filled beliefs ingrained by both families inform their daily lives. The couple wrote a set of family values that they hold dear. One of the thirteen statements reads, “We lead by example, voluntarily helping others in need. We are our brother’s keeper.”

Inspired by these family values and their first-hand experiences with the Bay Area Community Foundation (BACF) Men’s Philanthropy Group and Women’s Philanthropy Circle as well as Lindsay’s work as a member of the Board of Trustees, they created The Brian and Lindsay Eggers Fund. This fund generates unrestricted dollars to allow Community Foundation leadership to focus on issues and projects they deem most important to our area.

“We know there are needs, injustices, hurdles, and obstacles – and we trust BACF to know the best way to tackle them,” Brian said. “We don’t need to specify where the funds go because we know those needs change over time and we trust the organization based on everything they’ve accomplished over the years.”

Lindsay explained, “In so many ways, this fund is the gift that keeps on giving. A one-time decision for Brian and I will have an eternal impact. We’ll never see the full extent of it, but we don’t need to because we know it’s the right thing to do.”

Over the years, both Brian and Lindsay have worked hard to create an incredible life for their family. They find great joy in giving back to the community and teaching their children about generosity through example.

Lindsay said, “To me, generosity means love. Our world is in such dire need of unity – we need to treasure and love each other. When you’re generous, you make a sacrifice by giving up your time and/or your money to ensure that others feel loved, valued, and appreciated.”

Brian continued, “When I think of generosity, I think of all the strong leaders in my life who invested in me and helped guide me in the right direction.”

Brian and Lindsay’s shared dream is a healthy, vibrant and educated community with residents and visitors enjoying a connection to God and nature through access to all of our amazing natural resources.

“We will always hold the Bay Area in our heart because it’s where we raised our children. It’s important to us that it remain a dynamic and growing community,” Lindsay said.

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