Honoring a Mother’s Passion for the Arts and Community

Rita Greve had always been artistic, starting with painting as a young child. But once she discovered the feeling of clay in her hands—soft, malleable, and ready to mold—her focus changed to sculpting. It was her way to connect directly with the arts, in a literal hands-on way. She loved to share her passion and to include signs with her sculptures that said, “Please DO touch.” Her art has been displayed at innumerable shows, fairs, and public spaces and has inspired her son, Guy Greve, to take up photography.

When she passed away, Guy wanted to make sure her spirit of sharing art with others would live on. He created The Rita Greve Fund for Art in Public Places with the intent of beautifying outdoor spaces with artwork in our community.

“Art enriches people’s lives,” Guy said. “For me, interacting with art has provided a source of great enjoyment, and I want to share that with others. My hope is for public art to inspire and connect with the people of our community.”

The fund has recently awarded its first grant to support a large sculpture by a local artist in Realtor Park in Bay City.

Guy is passionate about growing this fund so that it can have an even greater impact and share art with more people. He is offering a 1:1 match for all donations up to $5,000, a 1:2 match for the next $5,000 in donations, and a 1:4 match for the following $10,000. Donate online by clicking here and selecting the “Rita Greve Fund for Art in Public Places” fund or call us at 989-893-4438.


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