Preserving our Resources and Community Assets

The Riverwalk/Railtrail has been a shining example of what can be achieved when many people work together for the good of the community since the 1980s. Early donors bought “shares” for $25 each to help get the project off the ground and the leaders who brought us this project placed a portion of every dollar raised into an endowment fund for long-term maintenance.

Today, the Riverwalk/Railtrail has grown to encompass over 17.5 miles of trails, with plans to connect to regional trail systems in the works. Sita Compton has been an active member of our Riverwalk/Railtrail committee for over 20 years and recalls one of her fondest memories of working with the group.

“While watching the completion of the Portsmouth Township section, which completed the loop, I saw people following right behind the paving equipment as they made their final pass—there was such excitement,” she recounted.

With the expansion and growth of the trail system, upkeep needs have also grown and placed new demands on the original endowment. The volunteer Riverwalk/Railtrail committee is working to address these needs and continue to grow the maintenance fund in order to preserve this exceptional local resource.

“It is so important to take care of what we already have. This trail has so much value; it stretches through the entire community and attracts people from all over to use it in many wonderful ways,” she continued. “We want our community to enjoy this trail for generations to come and with the help of a strong maintenance endowment, that is exactly what will happen.”


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