Kevin and Danielle Krupp leaving the world a better place

Leaving the world a better place than they found it is at the heart of Danielle and Kevin Krupp’s recent gift to the Bay Area Community Foundation.

Danielle and Kevin created the unrestricted Kevin and Danielle Krupp Family Fund at the Foundation in response to the Garnett and Elmie Compeau Challenge. The challenge offers to match funds – $1,000 for every $4,000 donated – in an unrestricted fund. Unrestricted funds offer Foundation leadership the freedom to focus on the most pressing needs of the community.

That sounds perfect to the Krupp family.

Danielle Krupp’s parents, Frank and Alice York, worked hard to build their family business, York Repair, so future generations would have a secure foundation and the freedom to pursue their passions.

“Frank and Alice worked so hard to build this business and didn’t have much free time to get involved, so we thought it was important that we did,” Danielle says. “Because of all the hard work Frank and Alice did all those years, we’ve been given the gift of time to focus on giving back.”

For years, Danielle knew she wanted to support the community, but wasn’t sure how to get started. Then, she was invited to join the Community Foundation Board. Former board member Bill Bowen had been her teacher at Saginaw Valley State University and she felt honored to serve with him and several other members she knew and respected.

Her husband, Kevin, found his path to community involvement through membership in the Men’s Philanthropy Group at the Foundation.

Each of them is committed to seeing this community become the best possible version of itself. Danielle points to the abundant resources already here. She appreciates the access to natural resources including the Saginaw Bay and Saginaw River. She enjoys the Bay City State Park. Kevin, who grew up in Detroit, remembers seeing signs for Bay CIty’s drawbridges as he traveled north on I-75 with his family.

“This town is a pretty amazing place to live,” Kevin says. “We have access to the water and natural resources.It is an exciting time to be involved with the Bay Area Community Foundation and see the impact of all the work being done.”

Today, both Kevin and Danielle work for the family business. Kevin is passionate about York’s employees and customers. He is committed to continuing the family legacy of building the business and planning for the future.

They raised their three children, Savannah, Dakota, and Elliott, to know the value of hard work and community involvement.

“Hard work matters – it will always serve you well. You can always give more,” Kevin says. “Leave everything better than you found it.” If everyone adopted a make-it-better outlook, the couple says the world would be a much better place.

Danielle explains that to her, generosity means giving without expectations. “Giving is a gift I give myself,” she says. “We’ve been blessed and are able to share our gifts. It brings me joy and comfort to give to others.”

Kevin adds that he believes the more you give, the more you’ll find you have. “By not giving, you may be holding yourself and your community back, and limiting your own joy,” he says.

For the Krupps, creating this fund is a tangible demonstration of their values and an important step toward realizing their shared dream of making Bay City an even better place to live.

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