The Hausbeck Children honor their mother’s passions

When the Hausbeck family remembers Kaye Hausbeck, they talk about volunteering and education. That’s why they created the Jr. and Kaye Hausbeck Foundation Award to help kids involved in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay and Saginaw counties.

Kaye Hausbeck, a lifelong teacher, was 79 when she died in 2021. Kaye taught at several Bay City schools, including MacGregor and Hampton elementary, before retiring in 1994. She married Jr. Hausbeck in 1963 and throughout their marriage, the pair were active in their community and church.

After her death, her family decided the best way to honor her memory was to help other people. Kaye had spent years donating her time, talent and treasure to people throughout the community. Her husband was always by her side as they tried to help others.

“We’re looking for anybody who just needs an extra hand,” says her son, Kurt Hausbeck. “Maybe somebody who changed their life around or made some changes.”

Daughter Amy Hurst adds: “Somebody who is taking care of their family. Someone who is stepping up to do extra.”

The family is asking the staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Bay and Saginaw counties to nominate members for the award. They encourage staff to nominate young people who may have a tough time realizing their dreams.

This July, The Boys & Girls Club of the Great Lakes Bay Region awarded the 1st annual JR and Kaye Hausbeck Foundation Award to two very deserving Club youth. Jason Vaughn of Saginaw County and Yaridtza Bustamonte of Bay County graciously accepted their awards.

Jason plans to put his award toward career supplies including work boots and trade equipment. Yaridtza will use her award to purchase supplies for CNA training.

Jr. passed away on the evening of Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at McLaren Bay Region with his family by his side. The family is asking that memorial contributions be made to the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation.

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