Census 2020 Grant Funding Available

Census 2020 – “Get out the Count”

Numbers matter, and every single person counts. This has never been more apparent than now as Census 2020 is on the horizon.

Bay County stands to lose approximately $1,800 in federal support per person, every year for the next ten years, for each person not counted in the Census. This includes money for education, healthcare, roads, nutrition assistance, foster care, and more.

An undercount in our community could be devastating. That’s why the Bay Area Community Foundation has chosen to take a leadership role in this effort.

Under the umbrella of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, BACF has partnered with the community foundations in Saginaw, Midland, and Isabella counties to create a census hub. This hub will help mobilize our local nonprofit partners and government entities to reach our hard-to-count populations. Learn more about our census hub coordinator, Chloe Updegraff, in this recent Route article.

At BACF, we have also set aside $30,000 in mini-grant funds for organizations looking to “get out the count” in our Bay County area. More information on that granting opportunity can be found by clicking here.

You, too, can help make a difference as Census 2020 approaches. Help us educate, engage, and empower our residents to take part in the Census. It’s too important of an issue for any of us to sit on the sidelines, especially given the consequences we could live with for a decade.

Please help us get out the word and share the importance of National Census Day—April 1, 2020—and help ensure we are all counted.

To learn more about the grant funding, please view or download our grant criteria. If you think your organization will be eligible for this funding, please contact Program Officer Joni King at 989-893-4438 to get started with the application process.

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