Seeking Input on Securing Long-Term Health of Lake Huron

Bay Area Community Foundation has partnered with shoreline community foundations and conservation partners from the United States and Canada to create a regional plan of action to help Lake Huron communities ensure the long-term health of the Great Lakes. Facilitated by conservation nonprofit Huron Pines, the Lake Huron partners are creating a plan of action based on community recommendations from the residents and stakeholders of Lake Huron communities.

We encourage your input and invite your participation by February 28 in a short 10-question survey.

After reviewing the public input, the Lake Huron partners will receive a $300k seed grant from the Great Lakes Protection fund, Ralph Wilson Foundation and Kresge Foundation, to be matched with $200k regionally to support the proposed Great Lakes – Lake Huron protection efforts.

The Lake Huron partners aim to reduce the amount of polluted water that enters inland lakes and streams and Lake Huron by providing resources and education related to stormwater management. Effective stormwater management reduces pollution and increases the amount of naturally-filtered water flowing into the groundwater supply.

By working closely with Ontario and Michigan residents, and First Nations partners, the recommended actions will provide resources and increase capacity for planning, identifying and completing nature-based solutions that connect the sunrise and sunset sides of Lake Huron. These actions will achieve large-scale positive change for our shared waters and our communities.

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The health of Lake Huron determines the environmental, economic and cultural health of the region. That’s why these partners are committing to using their shared knowledge to support Great Lakes protection: Bay Area Community Foundation, Community Foundation Grey Bruce, Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan, along with Grey Bruce Sustainability Network, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, Huron Pines, Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Office of the Great Lakes, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy and The Conservation Fund-Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network.

“Water is critical to every community, especially in the Great Lakes region, and regional foundations can be powerful catalysts for change,” said Dave Rankin, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Protection Fund. “Water is everything to this region. We look forward to seeing their progress in building the capacity of the region to become leaders in resiliency planning and action.”

“The Bay Area Community Foundation is providing local leadership in this effort because Lake Huron is an important part of our community identity. Through the planning process which resulted in the Bay County Road Map to the Future, the community identified our water resources as part of its priority objectives. Specifically, the community desires clean and accessible beaches and waterfront recreational opportunities and programs that provide better coordination of shoreline initiatives. The Great Lakes One Water Partnership helps us protect these important natural resources,” said Diane Fong, BACF President and CEO.

The Lake Huron partners are one of six regional teams surrounding the Great Lakes in the United States and Canada in the Great Lakes One Water Partnership. The effort is shepherded by the Council of Michigan Foundations and designed to help communities around the Great Lakes region develop and implement projects that will secure the region’s water future. To date, three funders have invested in the work of the Great Lakes One Water Partnership with the Great Lakes Protection Fund leading the way, along with Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and Kresge Foundation.

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